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Green 4 serves 3 year stretch at Bodmin Jail

Green 4 serves 3 year stretch at Bodmin Jail
Green 4 serves 3 year stretch at Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail gets ready to unlock its doors!

Green 4 is delighted to announce that it has been chosen by Bodmin Jail as the technology partner for ticketing and CRM systems. Bodmin Jail, one of Cornwall’s most loved historical attractions and former County Gaol is currently nearing the end of a £40 million re-development and preservation project that is set to restore this important heritage site to its former glory.

Now open for online pre-bookings, the brand new £8.5million immersive visitor experience will open to the public on 1st October 2020 and will see the introduction of a new ‘Dark Walk’ experience as well as a complete overhaul of the existing attraction.

In conjunction with their digital partners, Semantic, Green 4 has been chosen to deliver an online and point of sale (POS) admissions system.  With the nature of the weather in Cornwall and the expected large visitor volumes during the summer months, the simplicity of the online booking journey is paramount to maximising the customer’s experience of the jail.  

The strategy to focus on online booking was key due to the natural booking habits of holiday makers and to minimise queuing for the scheduled sessions through the jail. In that sense, the outbreak of Covid-19 has accelerated this strategy, with visitor attractions across the world focusing their efforts on pre-booked visits only to enable social distancing.

Bodmin Jail online interface

Covid-19 Measures

Customers will be encouraged to book online in advance for a specific time slot at the experience. Visitors will automatically receive an eTicket which is read by automated scanners and gates, designed to manage the flow into the venue. Due to Covid-19 measures, only pre-booked tickets will be accepted when the attraction opens in October. However, self-service kiosks will become available at a later date to avoid queues at the Ticket Desk.

Bodmin Jail also plan to go the extra mile in allowing customers to pre purchase gifts from the online Gift Shop, which will again avoid queuing on site.

The CRM aspect of the system has become even more important in the current climate, allowing the jail to communicate with visitors pre and post visit. The system provides snippets of the jail’s history and gives visitors the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ to a night in the new boutique Bodmin Jail Hotel, due to open late 2020.

Martin Lyall, CEO of the Bodmin Jail attraction, commented: “As the reopening of the jail now accelerates towards us, we are able to establish booking and customer engagement protocols aimed at maximising the customer’s enjoyment. We are very much looking forward to working with Green 4 to turn Bodmin Jail into a world class attraction and a primary destination for the South West.”