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Green 4's Story

Green 4 was created on a golf course in early 2006 with a vision to bring CRM to the sport and leisure industries.

Realising the unique challenges faced in sport and leisure, with numerous customer touch points across a venue and an array of systems to support them, there was often a fragmented approach to customer interaction, with customer experience and revenues suffering as a consequence.

Green 4 brought CRM to these industries and developed a software solution to help venues achieve more clarity from their customer data.

In the years since the birth of Green 4, we’ve helped change the outlook for CRM as business strategy for sport and leisure. The question venues ask themselves is no longer ‘Should we be applying CRM to our business’ but instead it’s become ‘How can we apply a best practice CRM strategy for our business’.

As Green 4 and the industry have matured, we’ve been able to develop a much broader, and therefore more powerful solution. In the early days we provided a central CRM system with strong customer communication and marketing tools built in and integrations from the assortment of third party systems.

We now offer an end-to-end solution all on one single platform. It’s all tied together with transactional capabilities to sell tickets, merchandise, corporate facilities and food and drinks, which gives the business infinitely more ability to capture data.

Now data capture is effective and instant, a venue can really understand their customer, communicate effectively and maximise their full lifetime commercial value. And that’s what Green 4 are all about.

In 2014 our experience was recognised with the Queen's Award for Enterprise, the UK's highest business accolade, an achievement that we are immensely proud of.

In 2016, we merged with our sister company 4Sight Sport & Leisure, adding a range of specialist marketing and consultancy services to our market leading customer engagement technology platform.