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A ticketing system built to enhance your supporter relationships

Green 4 has a revolutionary approach to ticketing, with Go being built on a CRM platform. Gain complete control of your venue, from set up to promotional campaigns. Feed the CRM and customer engagement engine with powerful data.

Life is better for the customer and the operator

Completely driven by Go's CRM engine, Ticketing gives users ultimate control and gives the customer an improved experience. Instant access to all data is available within CRM, giving you greater insight to formulate your marketing strategy and allowing for effective, targeted and personalised communications.

A seamless online experience 

A single shopping basket makes for a swift and easy buying experience and with on single sign-on there is no longer a need for supporters to have multiple club accounts, causing duplicate records for you to manage. Fans can self manage their information... see their membership status, seat information and entitlements.

Single Customer View

Back office at your fingertips

Venue set up and pricing management is quick and easy within the Go back office. With all data easily accessed in the CRM database or at a POS terminal, the power of the data can be used for a better experience. Linking fan accounts, look-up previous bookings or seats is easy; Go puts everything at the fingertips of the user.


We are passionate about Sport... our approach to Ticketing ensures that you have one true picture of your supporter.

Our Go Modules include:


Ensure a seamless online ticketing journey for your supporters. 
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Go is designed to enhance the customer experience during the booking process, on any device. Go ensures a seamless process to capture fan data and process the ticket.

Ticket Validation

Validate print at home tickets and mobile tickets. 
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Go offers a ticket scanning facility to validate print at home tickets and mobile tickets. This can be linked to the POS device or provided via hand held scanners.


Manage walk up ticket office sales. 
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A simple process designed to give ticket office staff a till interface to quickly process tickets.


Optimise scheduling of events. 
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Optimise scheduling of timed and capacity constrained events. Go’s scheduler maximises yield and manages resources.


Create a joined-up retail experience. 
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Sell merchandise items in the same shopping basket as a ticket. This creates A joined-up retail experience with opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell and product bundling.

Food & Beverage

See what your supporters buy at your venue. 
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Go’s Food & Beverage module uses the Go POS interface. It enables customers to make swift, transactions. Data is immediately available within CRM, giving you a great picture of how your customer interacts at your venue.


Sell membership products to your supporters. 
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Membership products can be sold using Go. These products can have many characteristics, including monthly payments by direct debit, joining fees, membership periods and entitlements.

Power BI

Microsoft's business intelligence tool. 
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Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence tool designed to offer powerful data insights based on transactional and behavioural customer data farmed in Go.