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Cheer us on through the sun and rain

Your choice of football rugby or cricket team is a lifelong decision generally made during the influential ages of 5 and 15. Normally influenced by your parents, your mates and that first experience of watching a live match. Whatever your reason, that is it, decision made, no turning back. This is your team through sun and rain.

Only that is not entirely true. You may not have had much choice over your initial decision…it was destiny…but what can be entirely influenced is your level of engagement.

A fan is for life...

Stage of life and other external factors your activeness as a supporter. Your support may sit dormant year after year, checking the results and following the interviews or, with a well executed engagement strategy, your team becomes a lifelong love affair …….through sun and rain, once a Blue, always a Blue!

...and the revenue will follow

But how did that all happen? There were plenty of times I could easily gone off the rails. I did go to see Rovers once or twice when I was at Uni, but it was as if Blues always knew what I was thinking. They remembered my Birthday, they kept in touch when I was living far away, they always made sure I remembered the live stream and that mum got the discount on the new football shirt at Christmas.

Single Customer View

and as if by magic…

But of course, it wasn’t magic at all, but a result of the club’s fan engagement strategy.  They deployed Go, Green 4’s fan engagement platform. They collected and consolidated data from every single engagement I had with the club.

It was all down to data

My registration and preferences, adding my family, my login to the clubs web site made it easy to capture data from everything I did. When I bought tickets for me and Dad, when I streamed video, when I got my new shirt, when I became a club member, when I contributed to the online chat. The new membership card really helped as I could pay for items at the stadium without cash, and received Loyalty points in return. It seemed a fair exchange for the visit to meet the players at the training ground. What a great day that was, I even scored a goal!


We are passionate about Sport... our approach to Fan Engagement ensures that you have one true picture of your supporter. Our specialist data solutions integrate fan touchpoints and transactional systems into CRM, maximising the use of powerful, insightful data.

Our Go Modules for Fan Engagement include:


Get a 360 degree view of your customer data.
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CRM is central and pivotal to Go. It’s at the heart of the solution and all other modules are designed with CRM in mind. This enables you to gain full control of customer data with a true 360 degree view.

Sport Data Model

A full view of your customers transactional data.
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The customer record displays basic customer contact and profile information in an easy to consume layout, as well as presenting ‘roll-up’ transactional data on total spend, total number of games attended, most recent purchase, distance from stadium and more.

Comm Creator

Build beautifully crafted email campaigns.
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This is Go’s built in email marketing tool to enable closed loop marketing. Easy to use drag and drop functionality and transactional data to create automated campaigns such as booking confirmations and post visit surveys.

Data Warehousing

An amalgamation of 3rd party data feeds. 
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In scenarios where Go is integrating with 3rd party systems, Green 4 would create a data warehouse where background processes take place. Key supporter information is then fed into Go’s Sport Data Model.

Single Identity Server

Provide a single identity for your web users. 
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Go’s Single Identity Server provides web users with a single ID and Password to access to multiple applications. 3rd party applications integrate to this online portal and a single identity is created and the CRM record becomes the Master contact record. This makes it much easier to manage data and ensures GDPR compliance.

Preference Manager

Allow users to update preferences. 
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Go’s Preference Manager is an online area where your customers can update their contact details, select their marketing channel preferences and subscribe to the type of information they wish to receive. From a GDPR perspective, your customers are able to accept a privacy policy and can opt in or out to receive information. All data is audited in CRM.


Keep your customers engaged and incentivised. 
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Customer interactions, transactions and behaviours, which are rewarded with ‘Loyalty Points’. Points are redeemed for ‘money can’t buy’ rewards, auctions and lotteries, which engage the customer more deeply with the program. You will collect more data, get greater customer insight and be able to influence desirable customer behaviour to maximise your revenues.

Hospitality & Sales

Manage your sales cycle activities. 
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Go leverages the sales process functionality in Microsoft Dynamics to manage sales cycle activities; from initial lead generation through to order stage.


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