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Green 4 Solutions announce new partnership

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Green 4 Solutions and CRMGamified® have come together to provide an exciting unified technology proposition for sports venues, leagues and visitor attractions using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

CRM, Ticketing and Loyalty experts, Green 4 already has a single platform solution that provides multiple systems needs to venue operators on Microsoft Dynamics. This allows venues to collect, analyse and use customer data from multiple sources, such as ticketing and access control in real time.

Whilst this sort of technology is crucial to a sports or leisure organisation, true success is often down to the strategies, processes and personnel in place to put the technology to best use. Often a new system implementation brings about organisational change, something that needs to be managed carefully.

CRMGamified® has developed a number of products such as its Hurrah!® leaderboard and motivational tools, also within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement, CRMGamified® has addressed this issue by providing game elements and design techniques in non-game contexts in order to engage users, improve adoption and drive more sales.

The partnership between Green 4 Solutions and CRMGamified® now means that venues can have the best joined-up solution with a route to effective on-boarding of staff to get the most of out the technology investment.

Paul Gibbons, Business Manager for North America at Green 4 Solutions said:

“Having systems on a single platform is the future for venue operators in both the stadia and attractions industries. Data and CRM has become critical to commercial through the ability to gain business insight, market more effectively and provide more value to sponsors.

We’ve seen huge successes as a result of our single platform technology. Having ticketing, email marketing and Loyalty built inherently within Microsoft Dynamics is having a really positive impact. One area we often find a challenge for organisations is with staff buy-in. CRMGamified® has some fantastic products that can be delivered as part of the single solution and help to engage and incentivise system users.”

Karel Tamchyna, Senior Business Strategist and Gamification Lead for CRMGamified® said:

“Today’s sport or entertainment business landscape is littered with executives that take advantage of motivation technologies built into a single and complete business solution on top of MS Dynamics CRM delivered by Green 4 Solutions. The company’s new oversight technology will go a long way towards strengthening the organization culture, helping employees to better connect with assigned tasks, and bringing some excitement into the daily routine.”

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