Venue Access

Do more with venue entry data

Venue access is a valuable data collection touch point, giving you a deeper insight into fan behaviour. Entry time and location can be used to trigger timely communications and to reward behaviours such as early attendance.

Venue Access benefits

A touchpoint that feeds CRM with powerful data

Venue access control is no longer simply a measure put in place for safety, but an excellent way of capturing data and gaining a deeper insight into customer behaviour.

Access data, such as time of arrival, feeds directly into the Go CRM database. This data will give you a greater level of customer insight and can be used to trigger communications and loyalty points.

Reward early attendance to encourage behaviour changes that will lead to greater on site additional spend.

Green 4 provide a handheld access scanning solution, however also integrate with a number of access control providers.

What Go users say...


Revenue increase through marketing emails alone

"Through marketing emails alone, we have been able to see an uplift in revenue by 7%. We have a business that interacts with over 12.5 million customers a year and have seen an almost immediate return on our investment. With Green 4's help, we are evolving the relationship with our customers to keep ourselves competitive and at the cutting edge in the leisure marketplace."

Steve Burns
Managing Director
The Original Bowling Company