Introduce a tiered structure to your CRM strategy

Memberships are a perfect way to give your CRM strategy more of a tiered structure, with greater opportunity for effective segmentation. Data capture across your venue will be enhanced, giving you greater insight into some of your more loyal customers.

Membership benefits

Better engagement with a key customer segment

Various membership products can give access to exclusive benefits, such as the loyalty programme an exclusive newsletter or even tie in products like tickets and merchandise.

Design a membership scheme that provides upsell and cross-sell opportunities to maximise your revenues, capture high quality data and natural marketing opportunities.

  • Layered structure to the CRM strategy
  • Better customer segmentation
  • Improved data capture opportunities
  • Manage accounts through the customer portal

What Go users say...


Year on year increase in season ticket sales

"This system is very slick! Joined-up customer data is the lifeblood of St.Helens and that is exactly what we get from Green 4."

Peter Carter
Operations Director
St.Helens RFC