Marketing Automations

Taking the work out of workflows.
Drag & drop marketing automation builder.

Marketing Automations benefits


Flows make setting up and modifying marketing automations easy and reliable. Using the drag and drop flow designer, you can quickly build simple or complex automations without the time and skills needed to master 'workflows' in the out of the box Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Flow Triggers

Flow triggers are the spark that kick starts a flow. Marketing automations can be triggered by a vast number of actions within the system, from a booking to a birthday. Emails triggered by the flow can be set to deliver either before or after a key date. For example, an email 2 days before the visit and 2 days after the visit.

Timely Marketing

Timely marketing is ensured by automating communication around events. This means that you won’t miss the opportunity to deliver your message at a prime time, when the customer is already engaged. Smart prioritisation allows you to use one flow to deliver a tailored message depending on the customer profile or product type.


revenue from automated birthday campaign

We're always looking for new ways to make our communications more engaging. We set out to provide all the key information fans are looking for, in a nice easy to digest format. We've noticed increased click-through rates that prove it's been a positive move.

Tom Crosse.
Marketing Executive