Donations Management

Make more for your 'non-for-profit' with donations management. Including upsell, cross sell, shopping basket and Gift Aid donations.

Donations benefits


Remind the point of sale staff, or the online customer of donations during the transation process. For UK customers the system recognises products that are availble for Gift Aid and gives further prompt.

Cross Sell

In addition to the ability to Up Sell, where the customer is given the opportunity to upgrade a product with additional extras; the smart Cross Sell enables the exchange of products. This enables you to swap a product not available for Gift Aid (such as a day pass) for another product that is (such as a membership).

Gift Aid (UK)

A simple and efficient Gift Aid process is offered, allowing the customer to create a declaration not only for this purchase but also historical and future donations. 

What Go users say...


increase in the value of donations through giftaid, at no extra cost to the donor

“We highlighted some time ago that CRM would be a key component in achieving our charitable aims and outreach programmes. Green 4 were the selected partner to deliver this project with us, starting earlier in 2014, and now we’re ready to develop our CRM capabilities even further. With booking and membership on the same platform as CRM, we have eliminated the need for integration of systems, which we expect to have a positive impact on the way we run our business.”

Gordon Seabright, Director