Data Analytics Cube

An exceptional level of insight

The data analytics cube helps you to understand your data. It's a business intelligence and reporting tool that gives you deeper customer insight.

Data Analytics Cube benefits

A deeper understanding of your data to drive a successful strategy

Use the data cube to quickly drag and drop your data, or build re-usable reports to help you understand hidden trends in your data and get to know your customers.

Greater intelligence unlocks a more sophisticated business strategy with more targeted and effective marketing.

  • Greater business intelligence
  • Customer insight, behaviour analysis
  • Advanced operational reporting

What Go users say...


The average customer attends 1.1 times per year. A key insight that led to change in TOBC's marketing strategy

"Through marketing emails alone, we have been able to see an uplift in revenue by 7%. We have a business that interacts with over 12.5 million customers a year and have seen an almost immediate return on our investment. With Green 4's help, we are evolving the relationship with our customers to keep ourselves competitive and at the cutting edge in the leisure marketplace."

Steve Burns
Managing Director
The Original Bowling Company