CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Central and pivotal to all elements of Go, it's all about CRM.

CRM is central and pivotal to Go. It’s at the heart of the solution and all other modules are designed with CRM in mind. This enables you to gain full control of customer data with a true 360 degree view.

CRM benefits

Driving the solution for better use of data

Go has been developed as a single platform solution so it can be customer focused. This means that the experience is enhanced at all touch points and value of each interaction is maximised.

With CRM being the central driver to Go, the solution will underpin your business CRM strategy.

A true 360 degree view of your customer is enhanced by Go's sport and leisure specific data models, which give quick access to rolled up information such as number of visits, average spend and loyalty points accumulated.

Now this powerful data is at your fingertips, you can perform advanced levels of segmentation to create customer profiles. With a completely closed-loop marketing environment you can utilise this data for effective campaigns.

What Go users say...


Saw the solution in action at 2 other indoor snow centres, helping to shape the future CRM and marketing strategies.

"We’ve spent the past 3 years looking for a suitable end to end solution to help us manage our customer booking process, after seeing Green 4’s solution working at indoor ski venues in the UK, we’re excited and confident that we’ve selected the right partner to help our business"

Tony O'Regan
Chief Executive Officer
Snowplanet, Auckland