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The Power of Mobile Ticketing

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I want to refer back to one of my previous blogs on ‘Disruptive Technology’ and possibly the most disruptive innovations in technology; mobile ticketing. Mobile ticketing is the ability to download tickets straight to your mobile phone. Using the mobile wallet, tickets can be stored and validated from your smartphone. With mobile ticketing, scrambling around for cash or waiting in a ridiculous queue to visit your favourite attractions is a thing of the past. Consumers can now buy their tickets online, pay using different mobile payments (PayPal, Pingit) and download their tickets to their phone. Does it get much easier than that?

Tickets, Loyalty Cards, Vouchers & Coupons

Mobile ticketing not only allows the customer to download items such as flight and event tickets etc. but also vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards. Why not give your customers a mobile coupon or voucher that they can store in their mobile wallet and use the next they visit your organisation?

Mobile loyalty cards are also becoming more and more popular amongst organisations. Take the leading coffee shop brands; Starbucks and Costa. Not only do they allow mobile payments but also a loyalty card stored on your mobile phone. This is easier for the customer, allows for direct engagement and also significantly reduces the costs of ticket/card printing. 

Push Notifications

With mobile ticketing, push notifications can be used as another form of communication with your customers, even when the mobile wallet isn’t in use.

A recent article from Econsultancy stated that using push notifications can lead to:

  1. 540% increase in daily app opens.
  2. 3x faster response time than email.
  3. 30% increase in social sharing on Facebook and Twitter. 

This being said, it’s very easy to overdo it with push notifications and the line between clever engagement and spam is incredibly fine. To be most effective, push notifications need to be timely, relevant and targeted. Why not use your push notification to remind customers of their unused coupons or available loyalty points to use on money-can’t-buy experiences instead of a constant bombardment of irrelevant information?

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QR Scanning

Items can be placed into the Mobile Wallet with the simple scan of a QR code. Promote an offer with a voucher, or prompt registration to your loyalty programme by including a QR code in your marketing campaign. The customer has the voucher in their Mobile Wallet and you collect the data.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment makes the payment process effortless; using a simple PIN and removing the need to input card details. Bank details are stored in the payment provider mobile payment app, with either PayPal or Pingit, which removes any PCI compliance requirements for the operator.

For information on how Green 4’s mobile ticketing solution can help you maximise revenues and reduce costs, please contact us at or +44 8455 088 149. 

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