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Five Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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In March 2015, Microsoft reported over 4 million registered Dynamics CRM users in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM combines powerful servicing, sales and marketing tools to help you understand and engage with your customers more effectively: from initial contact to post-sale support.

Microsoft Dynamics is a highly flexible application that will fit your unique business requirements. It was a difficult choice, but here a five reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics as your CRM solution:

1. The Power of Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides users and organisations with powerful and endless capabilities. Its unique features bridge the all too common business challenges and technology pitfalls that hinder user adoption and organisational acceptance of a CRM solution.

The sales force automation, customer service and marketing modules align and empower your employees to focus on what’s most important – the customers. And its flexible architecture allows for a tailor-made solution to fit your organisation’s specific preferences and requirements.

2. Integration with Other Microsoft Products

Microsoft Dynamics CRM continue to make as many of their products integrate as easily as possible, for example, it’s easier to integrate Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook and other Microsoft platforms with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, compared with any competing CRM solution available. This means your data will sit in one central database, allowing you to work faster and smarter - no matter where you are.

This will allow your employees the ability to manage and automate relationships with their customers, suppliers and other key contacts from one single platform.

3. Data Protection: Protect Your Customers and Yourself

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the only CRM system to meet the EU strict privacy criteria in all member countries. This means no matter where in the EU you do business – your data is safe and protected.

Within CRM, you can also prevent your own users from seeing sensitive information, as you can limit their permissions and decide what information they can access. This particular feature has proven very popular with our clients, allowing flexibility and power over your customer data policy.

This will allow you to store sensitive and accessible data in one single platform; saving you time, resources and money.

4. No Data Limits or Restrictions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built with scalability in mind, so you will never be told you’ve reached your limit.

Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can grow alongside your business - leaving the choice to expand entirely up to you.

5. Invaluable Insights into Data

Sport and leisure organisations are experiencing an explosion of data and require faster ways to turn data into insight - we live in a data-driven world now - but do companies really know how to find this data?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will allow you to turn mountains of data into actionable insights, helping everyone in your business take care of your most important asset: your customers.


We have combined all the positive features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and built our very own ‘Go’ platform - which has been specifically designed for the unique nature of sports, leisure and attractions businesses.

Go will help you understand your customers, grow loyalty and maximise revenues through a joined-up approach to technology.

If you’re looking for a CRM driven solution, contact Green 4 Solutions. Let us demonstrate the power of the Go Solution.  


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