My Site : Why Would A/B Testing Aid Your Ecommunications Strategy? My Site : Why Would A/B Testing Aid Your Ecommunications Strategy? My Site : Why Would A/B Testing Aid Your Ecommunications Strategy? My Site : Why Would A/B Testing Aid Your Ecommunications Strategy?

Why Would A/B Testing Aid Your Ecommunications Strategy?

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We all know it's cheaper to retain your current customer base than it is to find new ones and that's why sending relevant and targeted content to your visitors can be a great way to drive repeat business. This is ultimately why marketers are fixated on their engagement and conversion rates (the more people engage with your email, logically the more chance you have of people purchasing what you have to offer). 

As good (or bad) as your engagement rates are, would you like to make them better? Rhetorical question … the real question is what tools are available for you to use to help you achieve this? 

A/B testing can be a vital tool in any marketer’s arsenal when attempting to increase your engagement and subsequent conversion rates. Let me explain.

What is it?

A/B testing is the sending of one variation of a campaign to a subset of your audience and a second variation to another subset of your audience with the ultimate goal of working out which version of the campaign returns the best results.

How does it work? 

There are three core areas that affect any email campaign; subject line, content in the main body and the call to action. With A/B testing you have the ability to see the differences that subtle (or drastic) changes to copy within an email or even the design of the email itself can make to the engagement rates of the communication.

Once you've decided on and created the two communications you want to test, all you need to do is simply define the percentage of the audience that you wish to test against, set your testing period, define your winning metric and finally choose whether the winning communication is sent manually or automatically.

AB Testing

Results of an A/B email campaign test

What do you need to consider when using A/B testing?

In the first instance, you should focus on what your immediate goals are, for example, if you see a typically low open rate, you should focus on testing changes to the subject line. Conversely if you are looking to increase conversion rates it would be better to focus on a compelling call to action. 

To get started, think about your short-term objectives, create your hypothesis to achieve this, set up your A/B test, click send and see what happens. Best case result is that your engagement and/or conversion rates increase, and if not, you've learnt something new about your audience which will help you for your future campaigns. 

Ultimately A/B testing is a great tool to use as part of your eCommunications strategy, but it’s not the only one. Combining dynamic email content and CRM can also be a powerful tool to utilise, check out Natasha’s blog to find out more about it.

If you are in the early stages of developing your eCommunications strategy or simply just looking to refresh your knowledge, take a look at our two blogs on the key considerations to take into account when establishing a strategy for your data-driven email marketing.


Rishi Bhawsar is an Account Manager at Green 4 who specialises in assisting customers to effectively utilise the Go Platform, to enable them to achieve results from their visitor or fan engagement strategy.

At Green 4 we enable our customers to utilise data to build improved fan and visitor relationships and create compelling digital journeys across the sport, leisure and attraction industries. Our combination of an innovative single platform, CRM led, technology solution and range of specialist services will empower you to put your fans and visitors at the heart of your business. As your partner, we are committed to your success and focused on delivering results using cutting edge, insight led strategies.


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