My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part Two My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part Two My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part Two My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part Two

My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part Two

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Welcome back! If you are underwhelmed at the results generated by your email marketing campaigns, then consider tweaking your strategy using my data-driven email marketing techniques – after all engagement is key. This is the second part of my blog – read the first five tips here.


6. Utilise social media

Although social media platforms tend to achieve lower engagement, they can be used as effective ways to increase your email subscriber volume due to the large volume of daily users.

Social media networks can increase email subscriber lists via:

  • Promoting landing pages
  • Sharing premium content
  • Sharing an incentive to subscribe to emails
  • Promoting contests, competitions and giveaways
  • Testing product adverts


7. Remove non-engaged subscribers

How do you re-engage your inactive subscribers?

  • Identify the inactive subscribers in your email database.
  • Re-ignite their interest by sending them an email re-engagement campaign. The aim of this email is to let the recipient know that they are missed and that you want them back, so make sure the subject line says this. A special offer or discount for a returning customer often goes down well.
  • Move any subscribers who engage with the email out of the inactive list. It is important to let inactive subscribers know that they will be removed from your mailing list if they do not interact with an email within a specified timeframe.
  • Once the deadline has passed, remove non-engagers from your email database.


8. Visually optimise

Visually optimising your email campaigns by considering the following:

  • Make use of sightlines. If your imagery features a person, then position their line of sight so that it is pointing towards the key feature of the email.
  • Use small images
  • Only use images that contribute towards the message
  • Show off the ‘personality’ of your organisation through imagery


9.  Leverage Call to Actions (CTA’s)

Follow these steps to optimise your CTA’s:

  • Use concise and specific text
  • Focus on the benefits of clicking the CTA
  • Avoid any negative words
  • Use buttons that are appropriately sized and eye catching
  • Maximise ‘whitespace’ usage in the email by inputting a CTA


10. Testing, testing… 123…

Don’t go away after reading this and incorporate all the above into your email campaigns before you’ve looked at what works best for your organisation and industry – instead test, test and test again to determine what works and what doesn’t for you and your audience.

A/B split testing around elements of your emails is a key part of the testing process, and it allows you to look at which version of an email campaign generated the highest greatest engagement. By reporting on what works well and what doesn’t, you can tailor your future email campaigns to elicit the greatest engagement.


As with all marketing, creating the most effective email marketing campaigns is a process that requires a combination of good strategy, planning and analysis.

Good luck!


James Moorhouse is a Go+ Account Manager at Green 4. He works with Green 4 clients to develop their data-driven email marketing campaign strategies.

At Green 4 we enable our clients to utilise data to build improved fan and visitor relationships and create compelling digital journeys across the sport, leisure and attraction industries. Our combination of an innovative single platform, CRM led, technology solution and range of specialist services will empower you to put your fans and visitors at the heart of your business. As your partner, we are committed to your success and focused on delivering results using cutting edge, insight led strategies.


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