My Site : How Having Good Quality Data Helps Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Succeed My Site : How Having Good Quality Data Helps Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Succeed My Site : How Having Good Quality Data Helps Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Succeed My Site : How Having Good Quality Data Helps Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Succeed

How Having Good Quality Data Helps Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Succeed

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When it comes to digital marketing, the actions of a sports club or visitor attraction are only as good as the data they hold. If marketing communication campaigns are based on inaccurate fields within visitor and fan databases, this could expose clubs or visitor attractions to issues such as increased costs, poor reputations and risk of losing visitors and fans. Here are my top reasons for maintaining a high-quality visitor and fan dataset and enhancing it to unleash its true potential.

  • Clean data saves money

Sending communications costs money, whether that be through data hosting, email/SMS sending costs, staff calling visitors and fans or postal charges. Therefore, every time a club or visitor attraction tries to email ‘’ or ‘’ or tries to call an invalid telephone number, they are wasting time and resources which could be utilised better. By flagging/correcting/removing invalid contact fields, our customers can adapt their approach to communicating with visitor and fans and thus save resources.

  • Cleaning and enhancing data fixes process issues

Studying the inaccuracies in visitor and fan contact information fields can often highlight opportunities to enhance the data collection process. If fields are not being completed correctly (e.g. email addresses not containing an ‘@’ and a ‘.’) or being left empty, it may be worth introducing mandatory fields and rules when collecting visitor and fan information, as well as upskilling staff to understand the importance of clean and accurate data. As a result, not only is the quality of your data improved by the cleansing activities, but it remains accurate as new data is collected.

  • Up to date data ensures the right message is sent to the right person

Contact information changes. According to CCR Data Ltd, each year in the UK over 6 million people move home, 600k people pass away and 5.7 million company and individual details change. To keep up with these changes, visitor and fan databases must be dynamic and not stagnate. If a communication is being sent to the wrong person, not only have you wasted resources, but you may have bothered someone who does not want to be contacted (resulting in poor reputation) as well as wasting an opportunity to contact your intended recipient. Don’t forget, your visitor and fans who have subscribed to receive communications want to hear from you, so don’t disappoint them.

  • Complete data gets results

Our experience in digital marketing has taught us that accurate segmentation is one of the best ways to optimise engagement. Sending targeted communications to tailored audiences most often generates the highest open and click through rates. By collecting more information on visitors and fans such as age, gender and missing contact information, advanced segmentation methods can be used, ensuring visitors and fans are receiving information relevant to them. This can be through improving the data collection process for visitors and fans or collected through 3rd party organisations.

  • More data = better results

Are you using a wide range of options for gathering data from your visitors and fans? For example, do you have a CRM driven ticketing strategy where online tickets that are purchased are assigned to individuals? Do you have a Wi-Fi sign-up portal where the visitor details are fed through to your CRM? Is this advertised throughout your venue? Do you use Social Media – for example having visitor’s sign-up using their Facebook details? That said, not all information about a visitor or fan can be collected through internal data collection processes. To get a true understanding of a visitor and fan database, sometimes it is best to gain information from other sources. Information such as wealth profiling, telephone preference service opt-in and MOSAIC profiling can be integrated with contact databases to provide further understanding into visitor and fans. 

In summary, I believe that the quality of a visitor and fan database is integral to the success of digital marketing campaigns. Not only does a clean and up to date database reduce wasted resources and costs, but collecting additional information beyond the data collection process can dramatically improve engagement and provide an in depth understanding into your visitor and fan base.


Mathew White is a Data and Insight Analyst at Green 4. He works with Green 4 customers to analyse, interpret and present actionable insights from their data-driven CRM programmes.

At Green 4 we enable our customers to utilise data to build improved fan and visitor relationships and create compelling digital journeys across the sport, leisure and attraction industries. As your partner, we are committed to your success and focused on delivering results using cutting edge, insight led strategies.


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