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Effective Management of Your Email Subscribers

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As we’ve outlined in a previous blog, email marketing is one of the most widely used and most effective ways for companies to reach their visitors and fans. The total number of worldwide email accounts forecast to be in use by 2018 is a staggering 5.2 billion, coupling this with the fact that there is new EU legislation coming into force in May 2018 that ensures a greater emphasis on data management, there’s never been a more crucial time to hone the way you communicate with your fans and visitors. 

To enable the marketing campaigns that you communicate via email to be a success, one of the key things that you need to have is engaged subscribers. The most popular reasons why visitors and fans unsubscribe from emails include interest, frequency and relevance. So why not let your subscribers control these factors? Implementing an email preference portal provides visitors and fans with control over the emails they are receiving. 

We recommend the following process for effectively managing your email subscribers:

Stage One: Sign Up

The first stage is to set up a sign-up portal. A sign-up portal should be simple and easy to complete and only include fields that are critical to you and your data strategy, this will ensure a user-friendly experience and maximise conversion. The portal should incorporate your brand and provide a secure platform for visitors and fans to provide their personal information.

We work with sports clubs and visitor attractions to create sign-up portals that are synced to CRM, enabling individual contact records to be created and allowing a measurable way of assessing new subscribers.

Stage One


Stage Two: Welcome Email

An automated communication can be created to ensure the new subscribers receive an email confirming their subscription. The welcome email is an important tool as subscribers are more likely to engage if they receive this. It needs to be personalised and highlight the benefits of subscribing. This stage can include a link for subscribers to set their email preferences from the outset.

Stage Two

Stage Three: Email Preference Portal

There’s no better way to start off on the right foot with your subscribers than by asking them what specific topics they would prefer to receive communications about. You can also use this to ascertain what their key drivers are for subscribing to your communications.

A content based email preference portal allows you to create clearly defined topics which support your product and service offering. This is vital as having a generic topic for a sports club, such as ticket news, may not be effective. Instead, you can enhance your content by creating sub-categories within the topic. This will help to further segment your subscribers and enhance the data you hold.

Once subscribers have made their selection, the information is held on their contact record. This enables subsequent marketing lists to be enhanced using this additional information.

Stage Three

Research has shown that on average 63% of an email database is inactive, meaning that these subscribers are not engaging with emails thus making them less likely to make a purchase with your organisation. Take the steps outlined above to implement an effective email preference portal and see the difference that it makes to the engagement rate of your subscribers! 

Make sure you read my follow-on blog next week which outlines the key advantages for using an email preference portal to manage your email subscribers.


Ahmar Iqbal is an Account Manager at Green 4 who specialises in assisting customers to effectively utilise the Go Platform, to enable them to achieve results from their visitor or fan engagement strategy.

At Green 4 we enable our customers to utilise data to build improved fan and visitor relationships and create compelling digital journeys across the sport, leisure and attraction industries. Our combination of an innovative single platform, CRM led, technology solution and range of specialist services will empower you to put your fans and visitors at the heart of your business. As your partner, we are committed to your success and focused on delivering results using cutting edge, insight led strategies.


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