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6 Signs You Need a CRM System

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Ever wondered if your team might be ready for a CRM system? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and empowers you to get organised, build and engage with your community in an authentic way, filter communication, strengthen your customer’s experience and much more. Check out one of our earlier blogs for a more detailed explanation: click here

Your current job list may be manageable, however, as your business grows so does your contact list and after a while, sticky notes and Excel Spreadsheets might not cut it anymore.

Here are a few signs that you might be ready for a CRM System:

1. Way Too Much Paperwork

When your company first started, it may have been easy to monitor your Excel spreadsheets and update them with your contact’s new information. But now that your organisation has grown, you may have noticed that keeping these files up to date is becoming a chore!

The primary functionality of a CRM system is its ability to store new and existing customers on a single database. Contacts that are currently in spreadsheets, business cards, sticky notes, mobile devices and social accounts can be merged and imported into one location – then acted upon accordingly. 

Green 4’s Go CRM system, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 2015 gives you this ability and more:

Go CRM stores all data for a contact in one place. This includes the contacts job title, company name, phone number email address, transaction history, profile picture, lead details, social profiles and notes; a complete view of the customer.

Some people say it’s the best CRM system in the world and that without they’d be lost… all we know is that it’s called Go CRM (Sorry for the Top Gear pun!)

2. You Can’t Remember Which System Does What

If you are spending a good portion of your day constantly flipping through multiple different systems for different tasks i.e. email communication builder, ticketing system, sales system and so on – you’re due a change. 

Invest your time in a CRM system that gives you the ability to unify your day-to-day needs from within the same system. It’s surely the smart choice right?

3. Leads. Leads. and More Leads

Every successful business owner understands the importance of following up with both leads and existing customers. If you’re struggling with your follow-ups, this is another indication you are ready to invest in a CRM system.

Without a CRM system in place, it’s difficult to measure when proper engagement is necessary. Go CRM enables you to create timely reminders for when to re-engage your audience. 

In Go CRM, you can set reminders in many different ways. Assign tasks to individual team members, add recurring appointments to keep in touch with a contact or plan a re-engagement campaigns – the possibilities are endless.

Stop missing out on golden opportunities with Go CRM!

4. You Team Keeps Growing and Growing

As your business grows, you may notice that keeping track of and exchanging information verbally or on paper with your employees is becoming a nuisance. 

Go CRM will allow you to connect all of your team members to your organisations account, so they can focus on their designated job rather than struggling to find a contact’s email address. 

Efficiency = greater productivity, in our opinion. 

5. Import, Export, Import, Export.

Are you tired of importing and exporting data to do the simplest tasks? Surely there must be a better way round this, right? 

A common issue for marketers is having to assemble your target audience in one area, create your marketing content (email, SMS etc.) in another and somehow join this together. 

With Go CRM and Go Comm Creator, this is no longer a problem! Having a joined up solution to not only store your customer data but also segment, dissect and send targeted communications allows you take your customer relationships to the next level. 

Watch our Go Comm Creator video here: click here

6. You Want to Deliver Better Customer Support

CRM systems are not only for collecting contacts on a primary platform, unifying inboxes, calendars and tracking sales. The overall goal for using a CRM system is to strengthen customer relationships.

The heart of every business is its customers and all of the above examples will contribute to the ease of your customer’s experience. When you’re using these tools and processes to engage your customers, they will see a clear change in your performance and they’ll be more likely to stick with your organisation or venue. 


Having a CRM system in place empowers you to get organised, store necessary data, unify tasks, keep in touch with important leads or contacts and much more.

For information on how Green 4’s Go CRM solution can transform your business, please contact us at or +44 8455 088 149.


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