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Welcome to our new website. We’ve been working on this little beauty for a few months now and had some clear goals that we wanted to achieve.

Based on feedback from a number of our friends and clients in the sport and leisure sector, and some objectives of our own, we’re hoping to bring more of a basis to share your success stories and broaden the knowledge base further. We hope we’ve made it nice and clear about Green 4’s offering and the benefits that come of adopting the Green 4 way.  

We’ve now officially launched our joined-up single platform solution, Go, which you can read more about on the Go pages of our site. Our clients have been driving us to develop the joined-up approach further and we felt that now it’s been tried and tested in various sports leagues, clubs and leisure venues around the world, the time is right to give this powerful product an identity of its own.

Green 4 has a contrasting approach to systems than most other vendors out there and believe that CRM must be integral to your venue’s solutions, not an afterthought or just something that ‘the marketing department do’. This has been recognised by many of our industry leading clients and we’re proud to have been the thought leaders in this regard.

We’d love to have guest speakers in our blog, sharing some of your stories, successes or key learning. Please drop me an email to discuss a guest entry!



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