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Maximising the Success of your SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS campaigns are utilised across a huge range of industries, and are an extremely popular method of getting messages out to supporters and visitors. Although they are simple and quick, the campaigns require planning to ensure that the results generated from them are maximised.

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Successful Email Campaign Design

Our best practice white paper outlines the fundamental practices that you need to consider when designing and building your next email campaign.

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Introducing Smart Websites, for Fan Focused Digital Engagement, by Green 4

In the complex world of sports marketing, where collecting fan data is of equal importance to providing a great digital experience, things just got a whole lot smarter.

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Why Would A/B Testing Aid Your Ecommunications Strategy?

A/B testing can be a vital tool in any marketer’s arsenal when attempting to increase your engagement and subsequent conversion rates.

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The Powerful Combination of Dynamic Email Content and CRM

One of the tools that you can use to help your digital engagement strategy is to utilise dynamic content within your email marketing.

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Your Role in Achieving Success with your Data-Driven CRM Programme

Every organisation understands that a data-driven Customer Relationship Management strategy is an essential approach in today’s world. The capturing and utilisation of visitor and fan data to generate insights can be used to improve engagement and build more productive relationships. Whilst selecting the right systems infrastructure is a key element of a CRM programme, success also involves much more than just new technology.

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Greater returns with less risk? Why outsourcing could be the best option for your CRM and data management...

Now that the debate has shifted from ‘Is using CRM and data the right approach for us?’ to ‘what’s the best way for us to implement a data-driven approach to CRM?’ it is important to understand the various options available. In this paper, we will be considering the option that sports and leisure organisations have to outsource aspects of CRM and data management to a specialist agency partner and the many potential benefits of this approach.

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Propensity Modelling - Can We Predict The Future?

A brief insight into the world of predictive analytics and how it can benefit our customers...

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